Market Research

??We write qualitative or quantitative Chinese e-commerce market research reports based on customer needs, providing information on market trends, industry changes, consumer behavior and more. These market research reports help customers understand the different market opportunities in the Chinese market, especially in China E-commerce channels.
??Our market research reports collect and evaluate various facts and data in a systematic manner based on the customer's industry, product and business characteristics, and present relevant analysis conclusions to customers. Any company, large or small, needs to conduct market research before selling its products or services. When companies expand their business in new markets or new channels (such as e-commerce channels), good market research reports can significantly reduce the cost of decision-making and related uncertainties.
??Market research reports reveal uncertainties that may arise as a result of changes in business activities or the introduction of new products in the marketplace, and it guides companies to take decisive action to address threats in specific markets.
??Customers can use market research reports to understand competitors' marketing strategies in order to prepare for sales goals with more innovative ideas, and thus gain a huge competitive advantage.
??Industry analysis helps to develop growth strategies to increase sales and build a brand image in the marketplace. By understanding consumer preferences, companies can more effectively develop relevant products and services and capture specific areas of competition.
??The latest market research reports help companies analyze the industry and future trends. By studying market statistics, companies can provide a more comprehensive view of their business.

E-commerce Operation

??E-commerce operations have become quite common in China. However, e-commerce operations, like other marketing and sales operations, cannot be covered by one or several specific operations.
??We provide refined e-commerce operations with brand marketing as the guiding ideology, and do all the relevant work in the supply chain and customer service. In the process of service, we deeply understand the brand's goals, constantly adjust the means of operation, and reflect the brand will at all operational levels. Rather than being a third-party service provider, we are more like an internal operations team within the brand.??
??We provide our clients with the following specific services:
  • Product Management (Product Analysis, Product Planning) ?
  • Visual Marketing (Home and Secondary Pages, Detail Page) 
  • Data Analysis (Market Analysis, Store Data Analysis) 
  • Operations and Event Planning (Daily Operations, Event Planning, Marketing Promotion) 
  • Customer Service (Pre-sales , sale, after-sales customer service)

Content Marketing

??At the moment, e-commerce has become a mainstream sales channel. Large-scale e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, JD, etc., carry hundreds of millions of types of goods. These goods compete with each other for a limited opportunity to be seen by consumers . In the era of mobile internet, more than 90% of online shopping behaviors are carried out on mobile devices such as smart phones, and the display area is further compressed to a small mobile phone screen.
??In such a wide range of goods, how can we seize the limited opportunity to win and show it to potential customers? This has become the biggest problem in brand and store operations.
??On the other hand, traffic growth in e-commerce platforms has encountered bottlenecks. In the case of new traffic acquisition difficulties, the top brands have high traffic flow due to the Matthew effect, then how do new brands find their own exclusive customers? This is not only a problem for brands but also a problem for platforms.
??With the advent of the consumer era, the rise of young generation, diversification, personalization, and de-branding have become an irresistible trend. If consumers are repeatedly shown a small amount of specific goods which are high-traffic related during the shopping process, while it is difficult to find their wanted products, they will eventually abandon this platform which can not meet their real needs.
??Therefore, using business intelligence and data tags to match products with target users, instead of simply pushing large-traffic products and brands, has solved part of the above-mentioned problem.
??However, oversupply of products, scarcity of consumers' attention and incapbility of online channels providing customer experience as fully as off-line channels, have not been well resolved. In this context, content operation became an potential solution. 

??What is content operation?
??Content operation refers to a series of content-related work such as content planning, content creation, content editing, content publishing, content optimization, content marketing, in the form of graphic, short video, live broadcast, etc., based on product selling points and related content such as brand story, company development history, IP cooperation, technological innovation.

??Why is content operation important?
??Content operations can achieve the goals that traditional e-commerce operations can't achieve, such as:
  • provide content to users to consume with delivery of brand image
  • link customers who share the values with brand to obtain accurate traffic for stores and increase brand exposure
  • obtain orders, and to improve conversions

??What is the core of content operations? 
  • continuously create and publish content that is valuable to users
  • ensure that users are repeatedly exposed to brand content
  • comprehensively optimize operations and increase return on investment.

??What are the services of our full-scale content operation?

  • Short video production and delivery: Produce high-quality video and put it on the product pictures, product details page, weitao, and public domain to improve product conversion rate and brand communication. 
  • Write and deliver high quality articles: Writing articles, constantly updating the content of Weitao, and interacting with fans. Through long-term cooperation and comprehensive evaluation system, we have established a white list of many KOLs to achieve efficient and accurate dissemination. 
  • Live streaming. 
  • Guide users to generate content themselves: encourange users to write their own content , and make users the "stars" of product improvement and brand communication. 
  • Daily operations of Weibo and WeChat official accounts, and their interconnection with e-commerce stores. 
  • Collaboration with celebrities and KOLs.

Consumer Experience Improvement Program

??China's business environment is now mature, and customers need not only high-quality products, but also high-quality services. We design and implement a comprehensive customer experience improvement solution based on the specific needs of our clients, including customer experience design, process optimization, and customer service cost optimization.

Other Services

Mini Program development and operation, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, logistics services.

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